Mapp & Lucia in Rye

Mapp & Lucia in Rye

E F Benson, author of the Mapp & Lucia books, lived in Lamb House in Rye after the death of Henry James in 1916. Benson’s fictional town of Tilling in his Mapp & Lucia novels, is based on Rye.

In 2014 The BBC came to Rye and filmed Mapp and Lucia. If you are a fan of Tilling and you’d like to see for yourself the homes and haunts of Miss Elizabeth Mapp, and all the other characters you can take a tour and find out more on The Mapp & Lucia website.

More information on Benson can be found on the E F Benson website.

Meanwhile, there was excitement and chaos in Rye during the filming – a snapshot below:

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